From our outgoing and incoming presidents!

Having reached the end of my term as President of CSDH-SCHN I would like to thank the wonderful executive that I got to work with over these years. I’m thrilled that many are staying on and taking on new roles, but also recognize those that have served for years and now turn to other opportunities. We need continuity and change so it is good to welcome Dr. Barbara Bordalejo as the new President and Dr. Milena Radzikowska as the new Vice-President.

My time as President was marked by the challenges of Covid 19 and going online for our conferences. We have also had to confront the lack of diversity in our executive and the need to rethink our structures and practices to be a more inclusive society.  We are lucky to have Dr. Bordalejo leading us at this juncture given her experience in this area. I’m happy to leave a vibrant society in such capable hands. Geoffrey Rockwell, August 25, 2022

As I take over the role of president of CSDH/SCHN, I thank the members of the outgoing executive for their service and dedication to the community. I’m also grateful to those colleagues who continue to serve in various roles. 

Moving into this new period, I am pleased for the opportunity to help implement the new position of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization Vice-president, a position developed by Geoffrey Rockwell and Arun Jacob, to further CSDH/SCHN’s work on anti-racism, intersectional inclusion, and “unsettling” policies. We will continue to encourage initiatives that support, enhance, or contribute to Canadian Digital Humanities as well as innovative practices surrounding data, its preservation and reuse. Please contact any of the members of the current executive if you would like get more directly involved with our work. Barbara Bordalejo, August 25, 2022