The Canadian Society of Digital Humanities / Société canadienne des humanités numériques is a Canada-wide association of representatives from Canadian colleges and universities that began in 1986, founded as the Consortium for Computers in the Humanities / Consortium pour ordinateurs en sciences humaines. Our objective is to draw together humanists who are engaged in digital and computer-assisted research, teaching, and creation. The society fosters work in the digital humanities in Canadas two official languages, and champions interaction between Canadas anglophone and francophone communities, in all areas reflected by its diverse membership: providing opportunities for publication, presentation, and collaboration; supporting a number of educational venues and international initiatives; acting as an advisory and lobbying force to local, national, and international research and research-funding bodies; working with allied organisations; and beyond.

Our Constitution can be found here (page last updated 25 January 2022).

Barbara Bordalejo
Emmanuel Chateau Dutier
Vice-President (French)
Milena Radzikowska
Vice-President (English)
Jason Boyd
Kyle Dase
Communications officer
Dan O’Donnell
Megan Meredith-Lobay
CC Rep
Laura Estill
Arun Jacob
DH Commons Rep
Julia Polyck O’Neill
Aaron Mauro
Ayushi Khemka
Grad rep
Yann Audin
Grad rep

Getting involved with CSDH/SCHN!

We welcome involvement from all members of CSDH/SCHN, whether or not they reside in Canada.

Please feel free to seek out any member of the executive council if you would like to learn more.

Light-weight ways of becoming involved include contributing in occasional discussions over internal and external policy matters, or participating in ad hoc committees or white paper drafting related to such discussions.

The Awards committee and Congress conference Program Committee have regular turn-over and are glad to hear of members interested in contributing. We also have representation on ADHO committees related to the annual international DH conference, ADHO awards, and other matters. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please let the Secretary or another member of the Executive know.

Elected council positions are described in the constitution. Our call for nominations usually comes out in February or March.