Executive positions — nominations now open

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The Canadian Society for Digital Humanities (Société canadienne des humanités numériques) welcomes nominations and self-nominations for the Executive positions that have become open as of our Annual General Meeting on June 5th:

  • Vice President, French (the term is 3 years)- Member at Large (the term is 2 years)
  • Student Member X 2 (the term is one year renewable if you are still a student)

Please consider standing for one of these positions or encouraging someone you think would be good to stand. Your Society depends on your ideas and help.

If you are nominating someone else, please check with them and have them send us a note confirming that they are willing to let you nominate them. Nominees need to be members in good standing of CSDH/SCHN. For a nomination to be complete, we need the NAME, EMAIL, AFFILIATION, STATUS (eg. what sort of student are you and at what level if you are standing for Student Member), and SHORT STATEMENT (which can include biographical details you think relevant). 

Nominations won’t be accepted after the 22nd of June as the electoral ballots will be sent out on the 23rd of June. 

CSDH/SCHN is always interested in people who have ideas or want to volunteer to help, even if you don’t want to stand for a position. Feel free to contact a member of the executive if you have ideas or want to contribute in some way.