CSDH/SCHN conference peer review guidelines

The CSDH/SCHN community prides itself on being professional, courteous, and supportive. With this in mind, the CSDH/SCHN 2020 PC has prepared the following guidelines for reviewing submissions to our annual conference. 

Reviews should be at least 1-2 paragraphs in length and should suggest ways that the proposal could be improved. Comments on the appropriateness of the topic in terms of the Conference Theme are welcome, as are suggestions for related but unmentioned work, and ways to improve clarity, method, or organization of the abstract. Reviewers should note that at least one quarter of our participants in years past have been graduate students and that this may be their first experiences with peer review. 

If you suggest rejection of a paper, please be sure to include suggestions that will encourage the author to rethink and resubmit their work in future years. All feedback should be constructive. There is a separate field for communicating directly with the conference PC. 

We are grateful to everyone who provides reviews for our conference and helps to make our annual meeting happen.