DH Hangouts (early risers and afternoon coffee)

We all know that the best part of conferences are those unexpected encounters with colleagues in the hallway or over a meal. Though CSDH is online this year, we’re hoping to provide some space for this to happen in the form of Early Risers Hangout (from 10 – 11 EST) and the Afternoon Coffee Hangout (from 2:45 – 4:15) throughout the week. 

So, if you there are DH folk you’d like to connect with and would like to host a Hangout, or if you’d like to join in on a session that’s already being hosted (maybe you want to hang with Bill Turkel on Tuesday morning or afternoon?) please let us know by either commenting on the schedule or emailing csdh.schn1234@gmail.com and we’ll make sure your name is on the list! 

If you want to host a Hangout on a particular theme (Wednesday morning Ariel Beaujot will host a chat on Public History, and Thursday morning, for example, Kim Martin will host a session on DH Post-docs), let us know that as well! 

One great thing about these sessions is that they are open to everyone. We’ll be tweeting out a link to the Hangouts and their theme each day so people can jump in and say Hello. 

And for those of you that have yet to register for the conference proper – please remember to do so by Friday!