Deb Verhoeven: Opening Keynote at CSDH/SCHN

We are days away from our annual meeting at Congress in Vancouver, and are excited to tell you about our keynote speakers!

Our opening keynote speaker is Deb Verhoeven, who has recently relocated from Australia to take up the Canada 150 Research Chair in Gender and Cultural Informatics at the University of Alberta. We are thrilled to have her join the Canadian Digital Humanities community. Deb’s talk and abstract are below – please be sure to join us at 8:30 am on Sunday, June 2nd to hear her speak on:

Making Sense of the Unfathomable: Digital Humanities for Desperate Times

Abstract: “One should for example, be able to see things that are hopelessand yet be determined to make them otherwise” – F Scott Fitzgerald

As hard-fought political gains are steadily overturned, how might the Digital Humanities approach data and data tools to uncover the contours of injustice and redress the deepening divisions that mark this world’s version of humanity? This presentation proceeds from the premise that data does more than describe. It can also be used to diagnose and propose interventions. What directions might the Digital Humanities offer to help us navigate our way through the complex “folding of multiple catastrophes” (Murphie).