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2017 CSDH/SCHN Annual Conference

Final 2017 program.

Each year, CSDH/SCHN hosts an annual conference at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.  Join us to hear about the latest work being done in digital and computer-assisted research, teaching, and creation. The conference features papers on a wide range of topics from a variety of disciples, exciting keynote speakers, digital demonstrations of the newest projects, and workshops to enhance your skill set.

In 2017, we are co-sponsoring three keynote speakers: Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, Co-Director of Ryerson’s Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) and Co-Editor of The Yellow Nineties Online (, with the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at Congress (DHSI@Congress, 27-28 May); Raymond G. Siemens, Director of the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab and the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (U of Victoria), as well as of A Social Edition of the Devonshire Manuscript and Implementing New Knowledge Environments (, with the Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies/Société canadienne d'études de la Renaissance; Tracy Fullerton, game designer, educator and author of Game Design Workshop: A Playcentric Approach to Designing Innovative Games, with the Canadian Games Studies Association. We are also co-sponsoring panels with these associations, as well as with the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE), the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians (CAPAL), and Women's and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF).

Congress 2017 at Ryerson University creates unique opportunities for CSDH. We will hold our poster and digital demonstration session and reception in the renovated fourth floor of the Library containing the new location of the Centre for Digital Humanities (as well as of Archives and Special Collections). Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore other spaces at Ryerson, such as the Digital Media Experience Lab, the Digital Media Zone, the Transmedia Zone, the Responsive Ecologies Lab, and more.