Victor Temprano: closing keynote of CSDH/SCHN at Congress 2019

If you haven’t seen the wonderful Native Land project (pictured above) yet, you are in for a truly eye-opening experience with our closing keynote speaker, Victor Temprano. Temprano is the CEO of Mapster and the founder of Native Land, and will share his experiences building the latter with the CSDH community. Please be sure to join us Tuesday, June 4th, at 3:30 pm at Congress in Vancouver!

Building Projects that Matter Challenges and Opportunities of Native Land

Abstract: The Digital Humanities is a expansive field that touches on almost every sphere of human activity. The reach of the internet and analytical technologies make it possible to make arguments and present them to huge audiences. Native Land, the map of Indigenous territories begun in 2014, this year incorporated to become Native Land Digital, a Canadian not-for-profit. Native Land is growing and taking the next steps in its missions of education and decolonization. This talk will go over a number of challenges and opportunities Native Land has encountered and is still facing, in areas of theory, tech, funding, and project management.