CSDH/SCHN Opening Plenary

A.K. Knowles “Locating the Holocaust”

The CSDH/SCHN Program Committee is pleased to announce that A.K. Knowles, the McBride Professor of History at the University of Maine, will be giving the CSDH/SCHN conference’s opening plenary:

Locating the Holocaust: Issues in Connecting Traumatic Experience to Perpetrator Places

For decades, research in Holocaust Studies has been split in two, with most scholars studying either the victims of the Holocaust or those who perpetrated the genocide of Jews, Roma and Sinti, and other targeted groups. This lecture will explain how the Holocaust Geographies Collaborative is seeking to bridge the divide by locating testimony by survivors in the places where the Holocaust happened, at every geographical scale. Conventional mapping has been important in this effort, but the uncertainty of many places and times in testimony have required new approaches to spatial narrative, including inductive visualization and topological mapping.

The plenary has been made possible thanks to the Federation’s International Keynote Speaker Support Fund. The event will be free and open to public. Join us on May 26th at 4:00pm in CL 128 at the University of Regina.