Collaborative note-taking & Twitter participation at CSDH-SCHN 2019

This year, in an effort to encourage distance participation in our annual conference, the CSDH-SCHN Program Committee has set up a series of open documents for collaborative note-taking. The files can be found at this link:

This experiment, done in the style of DLF conferences, allows members of the Canadian Digital Humanities community to take part in the conference without being on location. Participants at the various sessions in Vancouver are asked to take notes in the relevant shared documents, and to share the links to the pages and hashtags (located at the top of each document) on Twitter. Panel chairs and members of the CSDH-SCHN exec will be monitoring Twitter for questions and comments from community members not at the conference. This is a single step towards conferencing at a distance. The environmental impact of academic conferences have not gone unnoticed by our community, and members of CSDH-SCHN set a high bar with conferences such as the KIAS Around the World Conference, which operated entirely online. In the years to come we plan to take further steps towards reducing our carbon footprint at conferences. Please join us in this first step forward!