2014 Ian Lancashire Student Promise Award: Deanna Fong

CSDH/SCHN is pleased to announce the winner of the annual Ian Lancashire Graduate Student Promise Award. This year’s award recipient is Deanna Fong, a PhD candidate from Simon Fraser University, for her presentation titled “Students in the Digital Humanities: Rhetoric, Reality and Representation.”

CSDH/SCHN Early Career Award: Carolyn Guertin

CSDH/SCHN is pleased to recognize Dr. Carolyn Guertin as the inaugural recipient of the Society’s Outstanding Early Career Award. Carolyn Guertin is a committed and versatile scholar who is making a significant contribution to the field of digital media studies and digital humanities. She works across the contexts of the digital humanities and new media studies, and straddles the positions of critic/theorist and artist/producer. As a feminist scholar and practitioner, she has offered in her work to date a rare and important perspective on cyberculture, electronic literature, new media, and digital humanities.