I came to McGill for my masters in Digital Humanities because of him. On the third day of my arrival, I met him at his office. He asked me about my past studies and engagements. Then, he took me to the DH lab and meeting room. We went for lunch the following week. We talked about our families. I knew that Professor Stephanie is his better-half.

Nobody can describe his humbleness. He was a complete human being. As a Research Assistant, he told me to work on The Art of Literary Text Analysis (ALTA). I worked on the broken part of ALTA. I tried to correct the Python codes myself somehow. What I was unable to correct was supposed to work together. Before COVID-19, we used to meet in a cafe near his home. He meant so much to me. Despite my weaknesses in the field, he used to listen to every words that I say and mentor me in so many ways. He was supporting me the every way he can.

On August 6, We were supposed to talk and I waited him on Skype but there was no response. I thought he might be busy in some other projects. And I just texted and stayed quiet. But he left us behind and went for the eternal sleep. The next day, I learnt it through Professor Cecily’s tweet about him. I could not stop my tear. Let’s pray for him. His departed soul may Rest In Peace. God bless him. May God give enough strength to Professor Stephanie and two beautiful daughters to bear irremediable loss.

I am all guided and inspired by him. He raised my interest in Data Visualization and Text Mining. I wish I could carry his legacy.

Bal Krishna Dhakal