Jonathan Armoza wins the 2017 Lancashire Award

The CSDH/SCHN executive is pleased announce that Jonathan Armoza has won the Lancashire Award for most outstanding graduate paper at the 2017 CSDH/SCHN conference. Jonathan's paper, "Probabilistic Matrix Factorization for Digital Humanists: Modeling the Parts of Speech of Emily Dickinson's Fascicles," The adjudication committee was particularly impressed by how accessible Jonathan made probabilistic matrix factorization and other mathematical concepts. They commended his ease of manner, facilitywith questions, and evident preparedness to contribute to the field.

A PhD student at NYU, Jonathan has recently returned to Montreal where he has worked with Canadian digital humanities scholars for almost a decade. His CSDH/SCHN paper continued and extended his work on "close quantitative reading" which bridges the gap between macro quantitative methods and close reading. As he says, "the view of what we do as humans, from a few miles up, is ... enlightening but there seems to be a disconnection between that activity and those atmospheric noticings. Since we don't actually live or operate at these large scales ... it's imperative to create means of making substantive connections between them and the culture/objects we study." To find out more about Jonathan's work be sure to attend his DH2017 presentation entitled "How to Close Read a Topic Model" or visit his Github profile.

We congratulate Jonathan wholeheartedly and thank him for his substantive contribution to the Canadian digital humanities community.