SPARC Whitepaper for Compute/Calcul Canada

CSDH/SCHN responded to the invitation from Compute/Calcul Canada to provide a whitepaper in response to their Sustainable Planning for Advanced Research Computing (SPARC) initiative stemming from the CFI‘s cyber-infrastructure initiative. Many thanks are due to members of the digital humanities research community within and beyond the CSDH/SCHN membership who contributed to this process over the summer months. We provide it here, minus specific recommendations to Compute Canada.

The CSDH-SCHN SPARC Whitepaper emphasizes the diversity of work in the digital humanities as well as the common needs that many in our research community share. These include a generalized middle layer of services to facilitate usage of existing processing and storage capacity, human infrastructure in the form of personnel and training as part of a coordinated approach to supporting digital humanities research, and, in conjunction with other stakeholders, a national strategy for data preservation and curation.