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Graduate Student Awards

SDH-SEMI provides funding to support graduate student participation at our annual conference in the form of  two graduate student awards:

1. The SDH/SEMI Ian Lancashire Promise Award

The SDH/SEMI Ian Lancashire Award for Graduate Student Promise recognizes an outstanding presentation at our annual conference of original research in the digital humanities by a graduate student. More than one award may be given in any year, or none at all, depending on the quality of the presentations.

2. Graduate Student Travel Assistance Bursaries

The Awards Committee will ensure that, budget permitting, Graduate Student Travel Assistance Bursaries will be made available to all graduate students who wish to participate in our annual conference by making a presentation.  These bursaries may vary in amount depending on how far a particular student has to travel.  Every effort will be made to cover most if not all of a graduate student’s travel expenses.

Past Recipients