The 2009 conference of the Society for Digital Humanities/Société pour l’étude des médias interactifs will be held in the MacOdrum Library at Carleton University, Ottawa, May 25-27. SDH-SEMI meets annually at the Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities, along with close to a hundred other Canadian academic societies. Our programme will feature a keynote address by Michael Best, this year’s recipient of the SDH-SEMI award. 

Monday 25 May / Lundi 25 Mai CO-SPONSORS
8:30-8:45 President's Welcome
8:45-10:00 Plenary Session 2009 Recipient of the SDH/SEMI Award for Outstanding Achievement, Computing in the Arts
and Humanities
MacOdrum Library, Room 402 Chair: Geoffrey Rockwell Recipient & Speaker: Michael Best
10:00-10:30 break/pause
10:30-12:00 Chair: Stéfan Sinclair Session 2.1
Room 360K Geoffrey Rockwell, Stan Ruecker, and Peter Organisciak A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities
Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Lynne Siemens, Geoffrey Rockwell The Academic Capacity of Humanities Computing in Canada
Kirsten Uszkalo What was she Thinking: Ways of Thinking / Ways of Working in a DH Context
10:30-12:00 Chair: Jon Saklofske Session 2.2 ACCUTE
Room 402 Karl Jirgens Neurophysiology, Digital Humanities and the Text Visualized
Jodey Castricano Testing the Limits: Immersive Environments, Quantum Theory, Indigenous
Philosophy and Synchronicity
Rodica Ieta Texts: Mechanisms of Understanding
12:00-2:00 lunch break/pause
2:00-3:30 Chair: Keith Lawson Session 3.1
Room 402 Mark Vincent Olsen, Russell Horton PAIR: Pairwise Alignment for Intertextual Relations
Stéfan Sinclair, Geoffrey Rockwell The Dialogue between Tools and Interpretation
2:00-3:30 Chair: Stephane Levesque Session 3.2
Room 360K Ineke Hardy An electronic edition of medieval texts: mouvance in action
Stan Ruecker, Piotr Michura, Carlos Fiorentino, Milena Radzikowska Text as image: visualization components of text analysis tools
3:30-3:45 break/pause
3:45-5:00 Chair: Rodica Ieta Session 4
Room 402 Susan Brown, Blair Nonnecke, Stan Ruecker,
Claire Warwick
Studying Orlandoʼs Interfaces
Geoffrey Rockwell, Stan Ruecker, Peter Organisciak, Susan Brown, Stéfan Sinclair Mashing Texts: Exploring New Possibilities in Rapid Research Document Management
Lisa Given, Stan Ruecker, Martina King, Moyra Lang, Myah Slade User Information for the Design of Visual Interfaces for Health Information and the Management of Complex Health Regimes
Tuesday 26 May / Mardi 26 Mai CO-SPONSORS
8:45-10:00 Chair: Kirsten Uszkalo Session 5.1
Room 360K Alejandro Giacometti, Mariana Paredes, Stan Ruecker, Ruxandra Comanaru Tell Me What Those Blogs Are About: Comparing Corpus-based Automatic Keyword Generation for Blog Posts and Folksonomy Tagging
Carolyn Guertin Rethinking Authorship and Text: Narrative as Global Practice
Martina King Visual Communication: A Study of Library Virtual Reference Icons Online
8:45-10:00 Chair: Alicia Colson Session 5.2 - Panel
Room 402 Kevin Kee, John Bonnett, Steve High, Stacey Zembrzycki The sound, the morph, and the ludic fury: New objects to support analysis and expression in history and the digital humanities
10:00-10:15 break/pause
10:15-11:45 Chair: Kevin Kee Session 6.1
Room 360K Keith Lawson Studentsʼ use of social networking sites for academic purposes
Paul Dyck Expanding Textualities in the Undergraduate Classroom: A Course on the “Digital Word”
Stephane Levesque, Clare Leaper Learning to think like historians: Lessons from high school students using the Virtual Historian
10:15-11:45 Chair: Serina Patterson Session 6.2
Room 402 Ray Siemens, Lynne Siemens Understanding the Scope of an Evolving Digital Humanities Community: A ʻViralʼ Experiment in the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium
Alejandro Giacometti, John Simpson, Chris Lepine, Stan Ruecker: Small Groups Interacting Online
Lynne Siemens, Richard Cunningham, Wendy Duff, Claire Warwick “More minds are brought to bear on a problem”: Methods of Interaction and Collaboration within Digital Humanities Research Teams
12:00-2:00 break/pause
2:00-3:30 Chair: Stan Ruecker Poster Session
Room 402 Jean Danis, Jean Guy Meunier, Nicolas Payette Computer Assisted Annotation Strategy: the Emerging Interpretation Process
Serina Patterson Medieval Games Online: Representing Medieval Games in a Social, Interactive Environment
Brett Hirsch Digital Renaissance Editions
Ray Siemens What are the Digital Humanities?
3:30-3:45 break/pause
3:45-5:00 Chair: Brent Nelson Session 8 - Panel
Room 402 Stan Ruecker, Geoffrey Rockwell, Peter Organisciak, Jean Guy Meunier, Michael
Eberle-Sinatra, Alan Galey, Aimee Morrison, Ray Siemens
Graduate Education in the Digital Humanities
Wednesday 27 May / Mercredi 27 Mai CO-SPONSORS
8:45-10:00 Chair: Christian Vandendorpe Session 9 - Panel
Claire Warwick, Alan Galey, Richard Cunningham, Ray Siemens, Stan Ruecker Implementing the New Knowledge Environment
10:00 - 10:15 break/pause
10:15-11:30 Chair: Paul Dyck Session 10.1
Room 402 Kirsten Uszkalo, Stan Ruecker Conjuring and Transmogrifying: A Review of Two Digital Tools in the Context of Studying Early Modern Witchcraft Trials
Dominic Forest, Vincent Audette-Chapdelaine Enjeux et défis de lʼextraction et de lʼorganisation automatiques dʼinformations à partir de textes théoriques en sciences humaines
Brett Hirsch, Ray Siemens Renaissance English Knowledgebase (REKn) and Professional Reading Environment (PReE), Past, Present, Future: A Study in Academic Process
10:15-11:30 Chair: Lynne Siemens Session 10.2
Room 360K Andrew Keenan, Joyce Mo-Yeen Yu That Game is for Girls: Examining Internet-Based Video Games for Girls Aged 8-13
Alicia Colson Donʼt make snap decisions about what you are ʻseeingʼ: How digital analysis of the images from the Canadian Shield rock highlights the difficulties in classifying shapes
Andrew Green is unable to attend. Formal Knowledge Representations as a Heuristic in Social Knowledge Production
12:00-2:00 lunch break/pause
2:00-3:30 Chair: Richard Cunningham Session 11 - Panel
Room 402 Christian Vandendorpe, Richard Cunningham and Alan Galey, Jon Saklofske The History and Future of Reading
3:30-3:45 break/pause
3:45-5:30 Presiding: Ray Siemens and Christian Vandendorpe Annual General Meeting