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Award Committee

  • 2013-14: Dean Irvine (chair), Susan Brown (President ex-officio), Kevin Kee, Michael Ullyot, Kirsten Uskalo, Jean-Guy Meunier
  • 2012: Susan Brown, Carolyn Guertin (to February 2013), Kevin Kee (from February 2013), Jean-Guy Meunier, Michael Sinatra (President ex-officio), Kirsten Uszkalo
  • 2011: Susan Brown, Carolyn Guertin, Jean-Guy Meunier, Michael Sinatra (President ex-officio), Kirsten Uszkalo
  • 2010: Susan Brown, Carolyn Guertin, Michael Sinatra (President ex-officio), Kirsten Uszkalo
  • 2009: Geoffrey Rockwell, Kirsten Uszkalo, Susan Brown, Michael Sinatra (President ex-officio)
  • 2005-8: Geoffrey Rockwell, Christian Vandendorpe, Ray Siemens (President ex-officio), Aimée Morrison
  • 2004: Ray Siemens (President ex-officio), Geoffrey Rockwell, Christian Vandendorpe, Stéfan Sinclair

Annual Conference Programme Committee

  • 2014, Brock, Geoffrey Rockwell (with/avec John Bonnett (LAC), Jon Saklofske, Susan Brown, Stéfan Sinclair, and/et Michael E. Sinatra (President ex-officio))
  • 2013, Victoria, Christine McWebb (with/ avec Susan Brown, Jon Saklofske, Jentery Sayers (LAC), Stéfan Sinclair, and/et Michael E. Sinatra (President ex-officio))
  • 2012, Waterloo/Wilfrid Laurier, Brent Nelson (with/avec Erik Moore, Aimée Morrison (LAC), Harvey Quamen, and/et Michael E. Sinatra (President ex-officio))
  • 2011, Fredericton: Harvey Quamen (with/ avec Erik Moore (LAC), Leon Robicheau, Jon Saklofske, and/et Michael E. Sinatra (President ex-officio)))
  • 2010, Montreal: Michael Eberle-Sinatra (with/ avec Dominic Forest, Susan Brown, Brent Nelson, and/et Richard Cunningham)
  • 2009, Ottawa: Richard Cunningham (with/ avec Ray Siemens, Christian Vandendorpe, Dominic Forest, Michael Eberle-Sinatra, Harvey Quamen, Brent Nelson, and/ et Paul Dyck)
  • 2008, Vancouver: Ray Siemens (with/ avec Richard Cunningham, Teresa Dobson, Brent Nelson)
  • 2007, Saskatoon: Brent Nelson (with/ avec Alan Galey, Bertrand Gervais, Geoffrey Rockwell, Ray Siemens, and/ et Christian Vandendorpe)
  • 2006, Toronto: John Bonnett and Don Sinclair (with/ avec Alan Galey, Geoffrey Rockwell, Ray Siemens, Ron Tetreault, Christian Vandendorpe, Maximiliaan van Woudenberg)
  • 2005, London: Alan Galey and Patrick Finn (with/ avec Michael Groden, RaySiemens)

Representative to the General Assembly of the CFHSS

  • 2010-2015: Michael Eberle-Sinatra
  • 2006-9: Christian Vandendorpe
  • 2004-6: Jean-Claude Guédon

Outreach Committee

  • Discontinued, 2010
  • 2009: Olivier Dyens et al.
  • 2008: Michael Eberle-Sinatra et al.
  • 2006: Bertrand Gervais et al.

Website Committee

  • Discontinued, 2012
  • 2009-2012: Richard Cunningham (with/ avec ADHO)
  • 2006-8: Richard Cunningham (with/ avec ETCL at UVic)
  • 2005: Stéfan Sinclair (with/ avec ETCL at UVic)

Newsletter Committee

  • Discontinued, 2008
  • 2003-6: Stéfan Sinclair, Aimée Morrison

Publication Committee

  • Discontinued, 2008
  • 2004-8: William Winder (Editor of Publications)

Renewal Committee

  • Discontinued, 2008
  • 2004-8: William Winder (Editor of Publications)

Constitution Review Committee

  • Discontinued, 2008
  • 2005-2008: Ray Siemens, Christian Vandendorpe, Stéfan Sinclair
  • 2004: Ray Siemens, Christian Vandendorpe, John Bonnet, Stéfan Sinclair


  • Michael Best (Victoria)
  • Alan Burk (New Brunswick)
  • Paul Fortier (Manitoba)
  • Penelope Gurney (Ottawa)
  • Susan Hockey (London)
  • Ian Lancashire (Toronto)
  • Peter Liddell (Victoria)
  • David Miall (Alberta)
  • Daniel Poulin (Montréal)
  • Geoffrey Rockwell (McMaster)
  • Jean Sebastien (Montréal)
  • Raymond Siemens (Victoria)
  • Ronald Tetreault (Dalhousie)
  • Christian Vandendorpe (Ottawa)
  • William Winder (U of British Columbia)