Compute Canada SPARC II White Paper

BILINGUAL-CC-WEB-LOGOBelow is CSDH/SCHN’s whitepaper written in response to Compute Canada’s SPARC II call. It builds on CSDH/SCHN’s 2014 paper which responded to the first SPARC call. This second whitepaper, like the 2014 whitepaper, results from a call for input from the DH community at large. It focuses on staffing and training; allocation processes; and sustainability, data management, and long-term storage. Humanities and social science scholars make up one of Compute Canada’s fastest growing user groups and so we are glad to have the opportunity to work together with Compute Canada to support the community’s advanced research computing needs.

Whitepaper presented by the Canadian Society for digital humanities / Société canadienne des humanités numériques (CSDH/SCHN) in response to Compute / Calcul Canada’s Call for Whitepapers for Sustainable Planning for Advanced Research Computing Phase II (SPARC2 2016)