Cyberinfrastructure conversations summary

We are posting here a high-level summary of the outcome of a series of conversations regarding the CFI Cyberinfrastructure Initiative among Canadian Digital Humanists.

The conversations emerged from CSDH/SCHN consultations that began in the Spring of 2014. The document tries to reflect the priorities and areas of emphasis that have emerged from these discussions, and suggests several areas of focus for broad-based collaborative cyberinfrastructure that would serve the needs of many in the digital humanities research community. The diversity of work in the digital humanities makes it impossible to mention every need, but in the view of the CSDH executive, this summary covers a number of pressing needs from a range of research groups across the country, and balances the need to serve existing researchers with that of expanding access to important datasets and cyberinfrastructure to leading humanities researchers who are experimenting with advanced research computing.

This summary is not meant to be prescriptive, nor does it mean to limit the number of proposals going forward to CFI. It may be that the diversity of work and the range of needs in our interdisciplinary community makes it impossible to work within the parameters of one or two applications. CSDH will not coordinate a national consortium or proposal, but it hopes to have provided a foundation for the formation of a broad-based consortium of institutions to collaborate in one or more successful proposals to the CFI Cyberinfrastructure Initiative.

We thank all of those who have contributed to these discussions, to the production of the SPARC White paper, and the response to the draft call.