Joint CFP with ACCUTE at Congress 2014: “Difference, Diversity, and the Digital”

Difference, Diversity, and the Digital

Joint Session between ACCUTE and CSDH/SCHN

The humanities have long worked to specify, recover, contextualize, and understand difference and diversity. We are now seeing increasing emphasis on difference–race, gender, ability, postcoloniality, alternative academic status, and global economic disparity being the most prominent–within digital humanities debates and practices. This panel asks how difference, diversity, marginalization, and power register within digital research and culture. To what extent and how do digital cultural products, resources, or tools enable us to interrogate difference? Are particular interfaces constitutive of new performances of difference and different forms of subjectivity? Do visualizations, animations, interactivity or immersive technologies offer particular affordances for representing diversity or experiencing difference? Is difference lost, erased, or misrepresented within digital artifacts or experiences? Does “Big Data” obscure difference or enable new means of addressing it? What are the impacts of particular methodologies or standards on the representations of difference in a digital context? Proposals are invited to address these or other aspects of the topic.

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Send submissions by 1 November 2013 to: Susan Brown (, University of Guelph, Ruth Knechtel (, University of Alberta, and John Simpson (, University of Alberta.