Exec Meeting Notes for April 5, 2013

Journal Update (Dan)

  • Stan and Susan’s issue is ready to go, another being proofed
  • Brent & Aimée’s issue expected for later this summer
  • process working well with incubator
  • meeting March 4th, a few things came up:
    • additional interest or maybe even focus on global issues – issue of languages, so far no French; collaboration with GO:DH
    • abstracts going forward should be French and English
    • interest in data repository and refereed metadata

Change to the Editorship of DS/CN (Dan and Michael)

  • disassociating co-president from editor role
  • possibility of SSHRC subvention for journals
  • partly an open process for editor, but this is a crucial position and needs careful selection
  • not a constitutional change since editorial committee is ad-hoc
  • VOTE: new editor-in-chief position, passed
    • need to determine length of appointment
    • editor becomes member of exec

Website Updates

  • we will share an spreadsheet of proposed changes

Announcement of Change of Name (Michael/Keith)

  • discussion of advertising name change and new association
  • Keith pointed out that new events budget hasn’t been used recently
  • possibility of advertising a student bursary
  • growing consensus that it would be an appropriate use of funds
  • VOTE: ad in University Affairs
  • ACTION: we will brainstorm by email

Update on Congress workshop (Dan and Aimée)

  • given DHSI just afterwards, we’ll pass on this year, we need to revisit for 2014

Follow-Up Grad Student Job Search / Cv Workshop at Congress (Aimée)

  • ACTION:Aimée will look at planning something Wednesday

Look at iGEM as a Model for a UG and Highschool Competition. (Http://igem.org/Main_Page) (Dan)

  • shifted to May 17th

Election Process Gets Underway (Brent)

  • will return to it May 17th, Michael will talk to Brent about nomination process

New Book Series “Parcours Numérique” (Michael)

  • non-financial partnership between series and association
  • the series will include OA electronic edition
  • VOTE: endorse support, passed
  • ACTION: Michael will follow-up with Kathleen at ADHO about a general policy for endorsement like this