New membership rate for 2013!

Great news for students, early-career professionals, and unwaged or low-waged independent scholars! You can now join CSDH/SCHN as a joint ADHO member at the extremely low cost of $25.

This annual fee entitles you to all the regular benefits of ACH (and joint ADHO) membership, including reduced registration fees at events like Digital Humanities 2013. Your fees will also contribute to a number of ACH and ADHO open access publishing ventures, including Digital Humanities Quarterly and DH Questions and Answers!

Just choose the “Student rate – Society fee” option on our OUP-managed subscription site.

A subscription to LLC: the journal of digital scholarship in the humanities is, however, not included at this level of membership. Students wishing to subscribe to the journal as part of their memberships are encouraged to do so at an annual cost of $72 (CSDH/SCHN only) or $87 (joint ADHO membership). Institutional subscriptions and individual membership support for LLC funds the good work of ADHO associations worldwide.

If financial concerns have prevented you from becoming an CSDH/SCHN member in the past, we happily and warmly invite you to join us now.