Minutes- SDH-SEMI Executive, May 4, 2012

SDH-SEMI Executive Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2012

Susan Brown, Dan O’Donell, Stefan Sinclair, Keith Lawson

  1. Approval of Agenda: Approved
  2. Approval of Minutes (March 30, 2012): Approved
  3. Items for action
    • Finalising Nominations for SDH-SEMI and ADHO committees (SB and MS)
    • Possible names for Secretary. Submit other names to Michael, as they occur to us, before Sunday
    • French President: Michael Sinatra
    • Stefan will send out a call to the members of SDH-SEMI asking for indications of interest from members to serve in ADHO positions, SDH-SEMI positions, now or in the future
    • MS: we will call for nominations from the floor: those who respond via email to SS’s call will be included alongside any other nominations from the floor
    • Vacancies:
      - President (French)
      - Secretary (prefer bi-lingual office holder)
    • SS will include a paragraph on the duties of each Office in his note to the membership
    • DO & SS to compose the call in such a way as to indicate that the current President (French) has agreed to stand for the position and will be nominated at the AGM
    • The exec. should think of and contact people at the annual conference to serve as SDH-SEMI reps on ADHO committees and ask them if they’d be willing to serve.
  4. Structural/Committee changes
    • Nomination committee under secretary (DPOD): Approved
    • VP -> VP Awards (MS) :
      • this would be the result of putting the nomination committee under the Office of Secretary
      • General discussion of this change leads to a agreement to re-name both VP positions as simply VP, rather than VP-Awards and VP-Outreach
      • To effect such a change requires a Constitutional change, which must be voted on at the AGM
      • MS will compose the new language for this change, and it will be circulated to the executive, then present it at the AGM
      • Add 2 members at large? (DPOD)
      • MS: a way to introduce members to the executive in a way that ensures continuity through overlapping terms, and hopefully open the path to people to who want to get involved in the executive
      • the Member-at-large positions would be, conceptually, an “entry” position to the executive
      • the positions would be 2 year positions, with one starting for one year, the other for two, for the sake of overlap.  The positions do not include term limits, so a person who takes the one year member-at-large will be free to stand for re-election.
      • Approved
      • SS:  I wouldn’t mind revisiting the members-at-large issue so that we’re not waiting a full year to have a nomination and voting process. could we note invite nominations pending approval of the constitutional changes. Then again, maybe it’s time we think about electronic voting for this kind of thing.
      • General agreement is expressed
      • MS points out that we propose the change at the AGM, then vote for the positions.  To solicit possible occupants in advance might corrupt the process
      • SS: offers wording that seems to satisfy MS’s concerns.  SS’s language to be circulated via email.
  5. Status of other constitutional changes (MS)
  6. Information and possible action
      • MOU/Status of our proposal for a registration form
        • The creation of a new registration method will be tied to presentation of the concept at the ADHO general meeting, at DH_2012
      • Discussion of SSHRC grant adjudication processes if time permits (SB)
        • this discussion will be conducted in full at the annual executive dinner at Congress
  7. Reports and Continuing Business
    1. Journal (DPOD)
      1. Status
      2. Heads up on proposals for adjusting publication format
      3. North-South (DPOD)
    2. ADHO report (MS)
    3. Treasurer (KL)
      1. Student Travel Bursary [with apologies Keith, I missed your report in its entirety b/c of my inexperience with WordPress.]
    4. Outreach (SS)
    5. Conference (MS)
    6. Awards? (SB)
    7. Secretary (RC)
Forward items to dinner at Congress:
I missed your suggestions Dan.  Again I was struggling with WordPress.
Respectfully submitted,
RC, Secretary