Minutes from Exec Meeting for March 30, 2012

  • 1:00 PM – 2:10 PM, Eastern Time Zone
  • Present: Michael, Dan, Susan, Richard, Keith
  • Regrets: Stéfan

Approval of Agenda

  • Approved

Approval of March 2nd, minutes

  • Approved

Committee and Officer Reports (precirculate if possible):

President English

  • Journals report pre-circulated
  • North-south collaboration: SDH-SEMI asked to co-sponsor INKE Birds of a Feather conference in Havana; SDH-SEMI to lead ADHO’s positive response to Ray’s invitation nominally to support the conference: Secretary recuses himself from discussion; the SDH-SEMI exec enthusiastically endorses nominal support for Havana INKE BoF conference; ADHO people described as enthusiastic in principal for North-South collaboration
  • Journal: new issue likely to appear close to the time of this year’s conference; new editorial team and processes functioning well

President French

  • By-laws: we do still have Directors, a legacy from Consortium period; Directors category will be removed as Bylaws are revised; Michael taking the initiative on contact with ADHO regarding a separate SDH-SEMI registration system online
  • ADHO: mobile app proposal voted down on the basis of costs: the idea is considered good, but the cost too high

Vice President

  • Award: the committee declined to extend the award period beyond 10 years: Discussion – such an award misses entirely the mid-career constituency that originated this year’s discussion of a new award; a mid-career award might focus on a particular output; is three awards plus the graduate award too much?; an early career award based on trajectory, a mid-career award based on a particular output; announcement of early career award to be made at this year’s conference, and there is no expectation of a recipient being found for this year’s conference; the award may be made in any year, but need not be made every year; the early career award recipient will speak in a plenary, the mid-career recipient maybe not, but the question will be discussed in greater detail in our next meeting; recipients of the early career will be invited to join the DS/CN advisory board.  The early career award is voted on and passed, with the understanding that a mid-career / pre-professor / work / project award will be developed in the near future.
  • Nominations: dates and duties clarified as far as possible via a Google doc; the question of terms for positions of SDH-SEMI reps on ADHO committees will be confirmed by one or both of the SD-SEMI presidents
  • Nominations: we have no nominations committee; should the Awards committee be renamed the Awards and Nominations committee?; should we have a separate Nominations committee under the office of the Secretary?; the remaining committee members lean toward the latter; because only 3 members of the exec remain for this meeting, no decision on this is finalized; the structure proposed is for the Secretary to Chair the committee, and the Vice-President to be on it, along with other society members named by the committee Chair.

Vice President Outreach (also Web/infrastructure)

  • Regrets


  • SSHRC money received, to help defray travel costs: $1575.00.
  • To be used to help fund grad students: 12 inquiries to date, 7 of whom have sent information; 5 more may contact by May; 7 are travelling internationally; several from Western Canada, 1 from PEI
  • Treasurer to send names to Secretary for Secretary to confirm membership against ADHO list
  • Cheque sent to journal about a week ago