Executive Minutes – March 2, 2012

Meeting Commenced: 1:30 EST

Regrets: S. Brown

In attendance (via skype): M. Sinatra, D. O’Donell, S. Sinclair, K. Lawson, R. Cunningham

English Pres:

  1. ADHO pubs committee update: forthcoming changes to the server, forthcoming change to the webmaster
  2. DS/CN First editorial meeting of new editorial staff, including new Man. Ed.; two articles in galley; two articles in review; two articles have come in; one expression of interest for potential another article
  3. Ideal turn around (1 week to acknowledgement; 6 – 8 weeks for review; 12 weeks total to publication: these are the ideal, and DS/CN is getting close to it)

French Pres.

  1. Changes to Bylaws still in progress
  2. New membership site still in progress
  3. New French Name for Society, Société canadienne des sciences humaines numériques; invites a change to the English side of the name to Canadian Society for Digital Humanities, producing the acronym CSDH-SCSHN
  4. Discussion of implications for putting a national name in the society name: could it impact our ADHO funding model?
  5. Discussion over whether to endorse this new name today, or postpone until our April meeting.
  6. The final decision will be delivered by the membership at the AGM.
  7. Action Item: We agree today to endorse this new name when it is presented for approval at the AGM.
  8. 2012 conference program is almost complete.  The program chair, B. Nelson, will send out letters of acceptance & rejection soon (within days)
  9. ACCUTE has indicated a disinclination to modify its program so that our joint session with them will fall within the days of the SDH-SEMI conference
  10. Action Item: The exec asks MSinatra to contact the Pres of ACCUTE to ensure she is aware of this problem and understands the seriousness, for SDH-SEMI, of having a session that falls outside the time frame of our conference.  If a resolution to the issue is not forthcoming, MS is empowered by the exec. to withdraw our support of the session.
  11. Gaming Assoc. will cooperate with us to choose a mutually agreeable time for a joint session
  12. Healthy numbers of speakers will participate
  13. Conf. Committee approves the idea of having a poster session about recent successful funding applications
  14. A question asked about having B. Nelson post a blog entry on numbers of papers submitted and accepted, in the hope that SDH-SEMI will look like a friendly place for people to submit for presentation
  15. Student funding (assistance) for conference attendance discussed
  16. Emergent Scholar Award discussed, based on a Early Career Award document forwarded today to the Exec.
  • Should the award be aimed at early career scholars, or at a significant piece of work?
  • Ask the awards committee to take into account our discussion today –pre-tenure-ish (10 years or less); early career longer (15 years?)?
  • Action Item: The exec likes the emphasis on the work, but is split on the question of whether an emphasis should be placed on very early (pre-tenure or equivalent? less than 10 years) career scholars or whether mid-career scholars, up to 15 years post-PhD, should also be eligible.  This is a decision we’re asking the Awards committee to deal with, then return a revised version of the award document to the exec for possible adoption at our next meeting.

 VP Outreach

  1. Blog posts to be used to encourage wider participation in our Society

English President

  1. On the question of potential North-South connections there are no new developments


  1.  Outstanding Achievement recipient’s anticipated expenses discussed
  2.  ADHO journal payment has been made
Adjournment: 3:15 EST
Respectfully submitted,
R. Cunningham, Secretary