Advocacy and Outreach Initiatives

A small consultation process was initiated in early January 2012 to identify some possible initiatives for the SDH/SEMI executive to pursue on behalf of its members. The following short list was compiled:

  • funding challenges and opportunities posed by the new SSHRC structure and CFI
  • the potential for the equivalent of the ODH at SSHRC
  • enhanced collaboration and ties with the southern hemisphere
  • a response to SOPA
  • made-in-Canada T&P guidelines
  • increased Francophone involvement in SDH/SEMI
  • increased support for students
  • development of DH and integrated DH curricula
  • disciplinary / professional in-reach (back into traditional disciplines)

One possible next step would be to fill in each of these with a bit more information and then seek members-at-large who may be interested in working with the exec.