Minutes from Exec Meeting for Jan 13, 2012

  • Time and Location: 13:30 Eastern on Skype
  • Regrets from Susan
  • Participating: Keith, Dan, Michael, Stéfan, Richard

Approval of Agenda

  • Approved

Approval of December 5th Minutes

  • Corrections: that ADHO needs a new webmaster, not SDH-SEMI-ANNUAL
  • typos

Committee and Officer Reports (precirculate if possible):

  • Nothing pre-circulated

President English

  • ADHO web issues affected by John Unsworth’s departure from UIUC

President French

  • For March meeting, anticipate bylaw changes and new French name for our society
  • Subscription form–MOU with ADHO to enable membership through Fed website

Vice President

  • Dan speaks to ADHO nomination committee work being done by Susan (in her absence)
  • The committee needs to find a list of ADHO positions before it can proceed in its work

Vice President Outreach (also Web/infrastructure)

  • Infrastructure issues being addressed, which is not to say solved
  • French language renaming of the society will come for discussion before the Exec as early as March meeting
  • The membership page in French, enabling payment in their own language, may be more important than a new name
  • Dan cautions that server speed likely to remain an issue at least through the spring


  • Finances are good.
  • ADHO payment received before year end
  • SDH-SEMI paid up with FEDCAN
  • Institutional subscriptions to the ADHO journal form a basis for ADHO payments to SDH-SEMI


  • CfP has gone out
  • We are using ConfTool
  • By February meeting we should have numbers of submissions
  • Treasurer asked to discuss attendance plans with the recipient of this year’s Outstanding Achievement Award, toward predicting the costs

New Items

SOPA (Richard)

  • Richard circulated an email asking us to discuss OUP and its support for SOPA
  • MIT, Penn State UP, have posted anti-SOPA statements, Cambridge reported to be considering the issue
  • Richard to draft a statement for circulation to Executive prior to being posted on SDH-SEMI website

SDH-SEMI and North South Collaboration

  • Is SDH-SEMI interested in pursuing “North-South” international collaboration (i.e. developing collaborations, co-hosting workshops and events, seeking funding with programmes and colleagues in the developing world?)
  • Should SDH-SEMI pursue relationships with digital organizations in the global south?
  • Perhaps we could ask Ray Siemens & Dan think about how to pursue this idea?  What sources of money, how to do it, etc.?
  • We should not forget that our first priority is the Canadian context, and that we need to increase our Canadian membership numbers.
  • Dan will report back after discussing this with Ray.

Advocacy and Outreach position/committee?      

  • Given the number of times we discuss the need to be active with national and international organisations and work on developing discipline, should we establish an advocacy and outreach position?
  • Such a position might lead to greater uptake of ideas put forward during Exec meetings or general meetings or on an ad hoc basis
  • Would such a position remove from executive oversight public statements seeming to come from SDH-SEMI?
  • Our need for such a position may not be urgent, but we agree to keep an eye on the idea.
  • The VP Outreach will compile a list of possible issues that might benefit from the attention such a position could enable