Agenda for January 13, 2012 Executive Teleconference

Agenda for January 13th, 2012 Executive Teleconference

Time and Location: 1330 Eastern on Skype

  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of December 5th Minutes
  • Committee and Officer Reports (precirculate if possible):
    • President English
    • President French
    • Vice President
    • Vice President Outreach (also Web/infrastructure)
    • Treasurer
    • Conference
    • Journal
    • Nomination
    • ADHO
    • Other?
  • Ongoing Action (if not reported above)
    • Bylaw changes
    • ADHO
    • Subscription form
  • New Items
    • SOPA (Richard)
      • Richard circulated an email asking us to discuss OUP and its support for SOPA
    • Advocacy and Outreach position/committee?
      • Given the number of times we discuss the need to be active with national and international organisations and work on developing discipline, should we establish an advocacy and outreach position?
    • SDH-SEMI and North South Collaboration
      • Is SDH-SEMI interested in pursuing “North-South” international collaboration (i.e. developing collaborations, co-hosting workshops and events, seeking funding with programmes and colleagues in the developing world?)